Senior Spirit Week (April 17-21)

Scholars are encouraged to wear their school-appropriate Senior Spirit Week attire to help support the class of 2023! For a $2.00 donation to be collected each morning, scholars may participate in any of the themes outlined below. If you are not sure if your clothing is school appropriate, please ask your 1st period teacher or Dr. Rod!

Monday (April 17)- Color by grade! Each grade has a designated color!

7th – Green
8th- Yellow
9th- Purple
10th- Orange
11th- Blue
12th- Pink

Tuesday (April 18)- “Where did all of the scholars go?” Wear your favorite camo shirt!

Wednesday (April 19)- Doctor, lawyer, scientist…dress as what you want to be when you grow up!

Thursday (April 20)- Are you a Razorback, Jayhawk, Tiger, or Boilermaker? College Athletic Shirt Day! Remember, no hoodies.

Friday (April 21)- Dress as someone that you admire. This one must be approved with your 1st period teacher. Role Model Day!

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