Seniors will not be on campus on October 12th. Instead, they will have 3 options to follow:

1. Pick up a College Visit Form from your Academic Counselor and take a college tour on the 12th. The form must be signed by the College Rep you tour with and returned to the front desk on October 17th.

2. Pick up a Community Service Form from the Front Desk. This form needs to be signed by someone that you did Community Service under for October 12th. This community service needs to be with a shelter, a church or other community organization and signed by the Director of the organization. This needs to be returned to the front desk on October 17th.

3. Log on to your classes on Google Classroom and complete the assignment left to you by each teacher. Work will need to be turned in by 3pm on October 12th.

If Seniors do not complete these 3 options, they will be given an unexcused absence.

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