Seniors! Important Items!

Please complete this form to provide us with information to help with graduation and beyond. We will use the information your provide to contact you when diplomas/yearbooks/etc. are ready to be picked up.

Also, do not forget to clean out your Google Drive of items you wish to keep. When your Haas Hall email is closed down, your drive goes away and there is no way to access it any longer.

Do not forget to provide your Senior Picture and school information to graduation@haashall.org for the video that plays during the graduation ceremony. Time is quickly running out on that! And be sure to mark your calendar to attend the Graduation Practice at Barnhill Arena on the U of A campus at 10am on May 19th. All seniors are required to be there.

Finally, on May 12th if you have an AP test to take, you must complete that before you take your finals on that day. If everything is complete then May 12th will be your last day.

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