Service Club Holiday Food Drive

For the month of November, Service Club will be collecting packaged/canned food to provide to families for the holidays through the Jones Center Free Pantry.

1st period/homerooms will be competing against each other to win a party for the class(es)! Collection bins will be in each classroom and emptied each week.
*Some smaller classes will be combined to compete together.

Each ounce of food equals a point and the class with the most points at the end wins the party! A weekly update will be posted of the top three classes.

While we will accept all up to date packaged/canned food items, some items will be worth 2x the points!!!
Instant mashed potatoes
Pie filling
Packaged bread mix
Cranberry sauce
Gravy mix
Cooking oils

The winning class will be announced at the end of the month! Good luck!

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