Shirt Day in Support of the Senior Class — October 7th!

Calling all huskies!

On Friday, October 7th, the seniors are hosting a white lie T-shirt day to raise funds for the class of 2023!

For $20, you will get to wear a T-shirt that features a white lie about yourself. Your white lies may not have any reference to individuals’ names or include any references to school. All entries must be in good taste and school appropriate, written with a scholarly sense of humor. For example, Julia Mizner, President of the Earth Awareness Project (the “EAP” club), will have her t-shirt design read as follows: “I do not know the environmental impact of this t-shirt.” This is ironic and humorous and scholarly because she knows exactly what the environmental impact of producing a single T-shirt is.

Teachers, we encourage you to sign-up for a T-shirt as well!

Your payment is due this coming Friday, September 30th, as are your white lies. Again, any reference to school or anything not in good taste is strictly prohibited. If you do not make this deadline and follow the requirements stated above, we will not make your shirt and you will not receive a refund!

Seniors will create your shirts over the weekend, and they will be delivered during fourth block on Thursday, October 6th. We will re-check your T-shirts as you enter the building on the morning of Friday, October 7th.

To sign-up, please use the Google Form below (with a non-Haas email) to verify your white lie, and pay $20 to Ellis Hanby.


Thank you for supporting the Class of 2023!

Should you have any questions, please contact Ellis Hanby at ellis.hanby@haashall.org, Emily Ye at emily.ye@haashall.org, Taylor Lyle at taylor.lyle@haashall.org, Julia Mizner at julia.mizner@haashall.org, Eekshita Allipilli at eekshita.allipilli@haashall.org, Farheen Palagiri at farheen.palagiri@haashall.org, Chase Alvarado at chase.alvarado@haashall.org, and/or Mrs. Kate at katherinecochran@haashall.org

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