Sign-ups are now open for HHAB Basketball

Athletes of Haas Hall Academy Bentonville, it’s time to officially put together the school’s basketball team.

Above the water fountain near the Commons and on Mr. Bolin’s door, you will find sign-up sheets for basketball interest. We want *all* players, boys and girls in every grade, to put their name and contact information on the sheet. If you do not post the information on the sign-up sheet, you will not be able to play this season. We must determine the total numbers of players in each grade and for each gender so we can determine if HHAB will be able to have both a senior high (9-12) and junior (7-8) team in both boys and girls.

Important: The deadline to put your information on the sheet is Friday, September 7. You MUST have your information on the sheet to be considered.

Let’s do this!

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