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As teens start using social media more and more, they also need to consider how it can affect their possible college future. The following article might be a great discussion tool for parents and scholars to think about. Parents, you should always check your scholars phone/computer apps and make sure they are posting appropriate materials. The following web article provides some good insight for scholars and parents to think about.

Social Media Today Affects College Admissions Tomorrow
by MyCollegeGuide.org

YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND that everything in life is about cause and effect. Sometimes you can see the effects immediately (grab a hot pan and it hurts!)—and sometimes you can’t (floss your teeth every day and you’ll keep your teeth for life).

As a sophomore in high school your online activities are a combination of those two examples. What you do on social media today affects you immediately but it will also affect you when you start applying to college. (Yes many admissions reps review your social media presence!) Here are few things to consider as you post tweet share and blog.

NEGATIVE: Posting photos of you dressed inappropriately or doing anything illegal for example won’t fly with anyone (e.g. your parents school officials athletic coach) today or when you’re applying to colleges.

POSITIVE: “Liking” a college’s Facebook page following it on Twitter and asking questions or commenting on its social media sites help to demonstrate your interest.

NEGATIVE: Poor grammar probably won’t hurt you too much today but watch your language (both profanity and proofing!) before and after you start applying to colleges.

POSITIVE: Share some photos of your trip abroad! Being cultured and worldly tells a lot about your curious and adventurous side.

NEGATIVE: Be careful what online groups you join and what pages you like. Joining a Japanese anime group is fine. Liking a Japanese beer page is not.

POSITIVE: Writing about possible majors and some colleges you’re considering shows you’re serious about learning.

NEGATIVE: Pinning inappropriate jokes e-cards or photos on Pinterest can come back to haunt you. And remember many sites are linked so what you think you’re pinning to your “Things I Find Funny” board on Pinterest may be showing up on your Facebook page (even if you thought you deleted it).

POSITIVE: Share some Instagram photos of you volunteering at the animal shelter or running in the 5K cancer fundraiser.

Remember, your digital footprint never goes away. What may seem like harmless fun now can prevent you from gaining your dreams in the future.

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