Hey Scholars!
Even though the homecoming dance was canceled due to Covid, scholars will still be able to dress up for spirit week starting January 18th in order to rally support for the homecoming game on the 21st of January. Here are the spirit days that will occur on the week of the 18th:
Tuesday, January 18th: Sports Day. Wear your favorite jerseys in order to show support for your favorite sports team!
Wednesday, January 19th: Vacation Day. Wear attire you would wear to vacation such as sandals, Hawaiian shirts, and leis.
Thursday, January 20th: Country vs Country Club Day. Wear country attire such as cowboy boots and jeans or country club clothing such as polos and khakis.
Friday, January 21st: Blue and Silver Day. Wear blue and silver-themed clothing in order to support the basketball team with Haas Roger’s signature colors.
Make sure to keep the dress code in mind when picking clothes out, but have fun with it. Hope we can see as many of you guys participating as possible!

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