Spirit Week for Thursday and Friday

Tomorrow is ’70’s – ’90’s Decades Day for Spirit Week. Here are the guidelines for participation:

1. Any exercise type attire must not be form fitting (think leggings). No shorts, tank tops, etc.
2. Jeans with no rips/tears/holes will be allowed if the scholar is participating in Spirit Day. Jeans ARE NOT allowed for Friday’s Color Wars.
3. Shirts will need to be tucked in.
4. No sunglasses, hats or anything that is not allowed in a regular dress code including length of skirts or dresses (2″ above knee).
5. On Friday, a non Haas Hall shirt may be worn in the following colors per grade.
7th – White
8th – Purple
9th – Yellow
10th – Green
11th – Blue
12th – Red

All shirts should be school appropriate.

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