State-Mandated Health Screenings Starting Sept. 12th

Ms. DeSpain will start screenings for vision, hearing, and scoliosis, and growth on Monday, September 12th.

The screenings are done on an individual basis so that your child’s privacy is maintained. Parents and guardians will be informed if your scholar shows any degree of abnormality in his/her vision, hearing, spine, or growth concerns.

Please note that procedure for scoliosis screening is simple. The child’s back is observed as s/he is upright and again while bent forward. To observe this condition, the child is asked to remove his/her shirt or blouse. Girls can wear a bra or an open-back swimsuit. Screening is conducted in private.

According to Arkansas State Regulations, screenings will be performed based on the scholar’s grade level and are as follows:

7th Grade – Vision and Hearing
8th Grade – Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis, Growth
10th Grade – Growth
All transfer scholars – Vision and Hearing

Please contact Ms. DeSpain if you have any questions.

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