STEM Competition Club x Robotics x USABO Informational Meeting

The STEM Competition Club will be hosting an informational meeting on September 15, this Thursday after school! We’ll be going over the programs for HHAB’s Science Bowl and Science Olympiad teams, and how those competitions work. That’s not all!

The Robotics Club, a team for FIRST Robotics competitions, will be returning after a multi-year hiatus.
The United States Biology Olympiad will debut at HHAB as a partnership with Science Club.

Whether you’re an aspiring doctor, engineer, oceanographer, or data scientist, these competitions are a great way to enrich your STEM experience at HHAB!

For questions, contact ahilan.eraniyan@haashall.org, vivikt.mangipudi@haashall.org, veera.unnam@haashall.org, arjun.paradkar@haashall.org, or arsh.jaiswal@haashall.org.

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