Some of the finest universities and colleges recruit our scholars. Our scholars are highly prepared for the academic challenges that wait them in their higher educational pursuits. To make a presentation or to recruit our scholars on our campuses please contact the following outstanding members of our academic team.

Bethany Culpepper, Fayetteville

Fayetteville Campus Profile
Bethany Culpepper, Bentonville
Bentonville Campus Profile
Sharon Busteed, Springdale
Springdale Campus Profile
Rogers Campus Profile

“Our son was the first in our family to attend a university.  My wife and I had gone through regular public school and were never encouraged to take the ACT or even apply to attend a college.  Once our son began Haas Hall Academy we were informed he must take the ACT and/or SAT every year of school.  My wife and I were given many opportunities to attend college workshops at Haas Hall Academy.  In those workshops we learned about the college application process, how to apply for scholarships and how to apply for financial aid.  Our son was accepted to a prestigious university and received a full scholarship.  We know this was because of the hard work of the faculty and staff at Haas Hall Academy.

Haas Hall Academy changed all of our lives and has given our son opportunities we never knew existed.”

Since our inception, Haas Hall Academy has had a 100% graduation and a 100% college acceptance rate.