Haas Hall Academy is founded on a tradition of academic excellence. Haas Hall Academy holds two prestigious academic events each year the day after Memorial Day, Convocation and Hall of Honors ceremonies. These two significant events are the culmination of years of hard work, persistence, and the respect of the dynamic partnership from all stakeholders which embodies the educational endeavor. There is an uncompromising level of satisfaction knowing our scholars took the challenging route and were extremely successful.


Convocation is a celebration of scholarship.
This significant accomplishment embodies the complete scholar. Our graduates have earned the right to call themselves Haas Hall Academy alumni. Scholars, parents and faculty take great pride in the unparalled level of preparation our scholars receive at Haas Hall Academy for their higher educational pursuits.


The Hall of Honors Induction Ceremony provides an opportunity for our academic community to recognize scholars of proven academic ability who desire intellectual challenge and the opportunity for creative interaction in a highly personalized teaching environment in a specific course. These scholars exhibit excellent conduct and a demonstrated ability to work well with and assist others. These scholars are accurate and prompt with homework, have spotless attendance records and are active participants in the classroom.

These two ceremonies provide a public venue for all in our community to see the results of our uncompromising, accelerated college-preparatory academic programs which have given Haas Hall Academy national accolades. Haas Hall Academy is a multiple national award-winning model of how a charter school can strengthen communities, inspire innovation and be a catalyst for the renewal of expectations for public education. Haas Hall Academy is the #1 ranked public high school in the state of Arkansas for the seventh consecutive year according to U.S. News and World Report and ranked #19 in the nation according to Newsweek.