School Clubs

In 2005, Haas Hall Academy’s School Board unanimously passed our school club policy with the sole intent to provide academic enrichment to our scholars. All school-sponsored clubs must be part of an academic course or an AAA school-sponsored activity. A faculty member may only sponsor one club per annum. The faculty sponsor must attend all meetings. All clubs must complete Haas Hall Academy’s official school club form by August 30 each academic term. All scholar clubs are required to have on file copies of all agendas, minutes and sign-in sheets with their faculty sponsor.  Clubs who fail to keep current copies of aforementioned materials will have their club sponsorship revoked.

Haas Hall Academy is committed to providing its scholars with a positive and diverse environment. Diversity is that aspect of our community that represents the different thought processes, backgrounds, characteristics, and skill sets that each individual brings to the pursuit of our common mission. Haas Hall Academy’s commitment to diversity is in providing an environment where each individual is respected, honored and supported, and is rewarded on the basis of personal achievement and contribution. Haas Hall Academy teaches students diversity to better prepare them for the global economy. Haas Hall Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or athletic eligibility.