Support Haas Hall Academy

Haas Hall Academy Needs Your Support

Haas Hall Academy’s rich and diverse academic offerings are largely made possible by the generous gifts received throughout the year.

Donations to fundraising events, the Annual Fund Campaign, matching gifts, and special campaigns enable us to provide our scholars with the finest, accelerated college preparatory education in the state of Arkansas.

Haas Hall Academy receives the state minimum per child, but does not receive additional monies for facilities and ancillary programs that local millages provide for traditional public schools. Your support is essential to our continued success.

Major Gifts

Private support makes a significant difference in the daily lives of our scholars. For example, in the fall of 2015, Haas Hall Academy named our new Fayetteville campus— The Starr Scholar Center —after Billie Jo Starr, a great champion of education who has done so much to enrich the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas and specifically, the city of Fayetteville.

Mrs. Starr’s financial commitment to provide all new furnishings for this location is a gift that our scholars and faculty enjoy everyday. The Starr family’s generosity has allowed our faculty, staff, and scholars to feel like they are valued and deserve a well-appointed environment to match their exceptional level of performance in the classroom.

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Annual Fund

Annual giving by families and friends of Haas Hall Academy is a vital part of our development program. Unrestricted gifts provide a crucial bridge between state funds and the actual cost of running Haas Hall Academy.

Giving to the Annual Fund allows the school to respond to pressing needs and to provide the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our scholars and the School.

Examples of how Annual Fund gifts are used include updating technology, assisting faculty with classroom materials, and professional development. Funds are also used to support scholars who need assistance purchasing uniforms, school lunches, and AP testing fees.

Our financial strength is dependent on the participation of our entire school community. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages other to join you in supporting the School.

Matching Gifts

600+ companies nationwide match their employee’s contributions to secondary schools. FIND OUT IF YOUR COMPANY MATCHES!

Please take advantage of the company privilege by obtaining a Matching Gift application from your personnel office and sending it with your contribution to Haas Hall Academy. We will process the form immediately, and Haas Hall Academy will be the beneficiary of your generosity and that of your company.

Not sure if your company matches gifts? Check here!