Testing Days Approaching Soon!

Parents and Scholars,
We are quickly approaching the dates for State Aspire testing and AP testing. We wanted to give you some advanced warning in case you need to reschedule something.

April 25th-28th will be Aspire testing. All scholars will be on campus. It is important that scholars arrive no later than 7:50 in order not to have to do make-up testing. Please begin scouting out routes to school that will get you here by that time. Also, please have scholars eat a good breakfast! Juniors and Seniors, while not taking Aspire tests, will be taking a practice AP English test during this time and are expected to be on campus.

May 1st – 12th is AP testing. Everyone enrolled in an AP class either in the Fall or Spring has to test in order to earn credit in the course. Some tests can go as long as 5.5 hours if they have accommodations. Your scholar should know the date of each of their test. Please have scholars eat a good breakfast. They may also want to bring their lunch if they have one of the longer AP tests. College Board does not allow for a lunch break, so something they can eat during a 10-minute break would be best. Scholars should be here by 7:45 am if they have a morning test. If they have an afternoon test, be aware it will probably last until 3:30 pm or later if they have accommodations.

If you have any doctor appointments, etc., during these times, please try to reschedule them. Once a scholar begins testing in either Aspire or AP, if they have to leave due to an appointment, they will be graded on their completion. Once a test is started, there is no make-up test given. AP testing could earn your scholar college credit in Arkansas colleges if they make a 3 or above, which could be a financial saving for the scholar and family.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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