Thank You, Blood Drive Participants!

Thank you to all of our participants and volunteers who made Monday’s blood drive a success! Donors, a special thanks goes out to you for your donations during this tedious and stressful time when donations are more needed than ever.

We had a total of 32 successful donations! With the blood collected yesterday, many lives in the community will be saved. We had a great number of participants sign up last minute, making this a very successful blood drive and exceeding our expectations, but we hope to get even more sign-ups at our next blood drive next semester! Make sure to look for an announcement regarding it.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding how we might improve our numbers for the next drive, please email one of the Blood Drive Committee members (Jyothika Arunkumar at jyothika.arunkumar@haashall.org; Tyler Mizner at tyler.mizner@haashall.org; Andrew Schweitzer at andrew.schweitzer@haashall.org; Ellis Hanby at ellis.hanby@haashall.org; Haleena Sharif at haleena.sharif@haashall.org; Julia Mizner at julia.mizner@haashall.org; Isaac Aguero at isaac.aguero@haashall.org; Taylor Lyle at taylor.lyle@haashall.org; Pranav Neupane at pranav.neupane@haashall.org; or Isabella McCleary at isabella.mccleary@haashall.org) so that we can make the spring event as successful as possible.

Again, thank you! Go Huskies!

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