The Scripps Spelling Bee is Now Official

Hello, Scholars and Faculty!

Thank you for helping Junior Beta raise enough money to fund the Scripps Spelling Bee via Chipotle this year! We will have two different levels of our spelling bee this year: classroom spelling bees and the school-wide spelling bee. This event will take place for only 7th and 8th grade students. Classroom spelling bees will take place on December 1st during your English block. Beginning on December 9th, the winners of the classroom spelling bees will go head-to-head in a school-wide spelling bee. The winner of the school-wide spelling bee will represent Haas Hall Academy Bentonville in the county-wide spelling bee. Packets with the spelling words will be handed out soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Eaton (karlyeaton@haashall.org), Liam Huthwaite (michael.huthwaite@haashall.org), Veera Unnam (veera.unnam@haashall.org), Noah Roberts (noah.roberts@haashall.org), or Preston Vo (preston.vo@haashall.org).

Again, thank you for your support at Chipotle. Get to spelling, and go Huskies!

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