Transportation to Service

In an effort to make sure all our scholars are able to safely attend the services, the following guidelines need to be taken:

1. Scholars who were going to ride with another scholar to the funeral tomorrow have the following conditions:
The driver, if under 18, is only allowed to take one scholar with them – if over 18 they may take 2. The driver will follow Haas Hall staff to and from the funeral and will return to school after the funeral has concluded.
Riders MUST have a signed form from the parent stating WHO they are riding with. If there is no letter/form, the scholar cannot ride with another scholar.
The van will be driven by Ms. B and has room for 13…first come, first serve. See her if you want to sign up to ride that way.
All scholars will be expected back on campus following the funeral.

2. Scholars who are attending the funeral with their parents may use the planned absence form and return as their parents see fit.

3. Scholars who want to ride with another parent must have a SIGNED letter from their parent stating who they are riding with and when/if they are returning. Scholars are expected to remain with that parent all day if they are going home with them.

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