Juniors and Seniors:
Are you currently taking a concurrent course with NWACC, University of Arkansas, or other Arkansas institution? If so, you may qualify for partial tuition reimbursement through the Arkansas Concurrent Challenge scholarship recently announced by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Courses must fall into certain categories and be a part of your Student Success Plan.

In order to begin the reimbursement process, please fill out this survey: https://forms.gle/eiuV5vBqmNnLSVKR6

More information about the new scholarship may be found here: https://scholarships.adhe.edu/scholarships-and-programs/a-z/

Additionally, you may email your Academic Advisor for more information. It’s a brand new scholarship and many of the details are being finalized, but we will do our best to help you through the process.

Fayetteville and Springdale:
Dr. Ashley Binns (ashleybinns@haashall.org)

Bentonville and Rogers:
Bethany Culpepper (bethanyculpepper@haashall.org)

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