Twix Experiment!

Hello scholars! Have you ever wondered if there really is a difference between left and right twix bars? Do you prefer pepsi or coke? Do you like pineapples on pizza? The AP Statistics class will be doing a school wide survey that will include questions about your food preferences and also a Left/Right twix taste test.

We will be holding the survey over two days during lunch in Mr. Smiley’s room. 7-9 scholars come on Wednesday (4/19) during lunch. 10-12 scholars come on Friday (4/21) during lunch.

You will first fill out a survey that asks you different questions about food preferences and a couple other random things.

After submitting that survey, you will be given two twix bars, one left and one right. You won’t know which is which, and you will rate each twix bar out of 5. Then you will guess which is left and which is right.

After AP testing, our local-in house statisitcans will run all kinds of tests on this data and see what kinds of associations and correlations exist between food preferences.

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