University of Delaware College and Career Showcase – Sustainability

Join University of Delaware professors and graduates on Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. EDT to learn how a University of Delaware education will provide you with the background to fully engage in your passion for finding the balance between life as we know it and environmental sustainability.

Register here       https://www.envirothon.org/registration-forms/view.php?id=81676

In this virtual showcase, you will hear from three UD departments — Plant and Soil Sciences, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, and Applied Economics and Statistics. You will hear how UD majors like wildlife ecology and conservation, sustainable food systems, environmental and resource economics, and many other majors align with the values and goals of Envirothon. You will also hear from former Envirothon participants and others about how to turn your passion for the environment and natural resources into action, education, and employment opportunities.

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