Used Uniform Order Pick-up!

Used uniform orders are ready for pick-up! Orders can be picked up at the HHA Bentonville campus starting Tuesday, August 11th during summertime hours.

2600 SE J Street, Bentonville, AR
Monday – Thursday
9:00am and 2:00pm

When you arrive at the HHA Bentonville campus please park, call Ms. Deborah at 479-268-3424, and tell her you are there to pick up a merchandise order. YOU WILL NEED TO GIVE HER THE ORDER NUMBER LOCATED ABOVE (EX ORDER #2010). If you have multiple orders, you will need to provide all order numbers for her. Ms. Deborah will locate your order and set it outside the entrance doors. You may then pick up your order. We ask that you please avoid entering the campus unless absolutely necessary. If you have any questions about your order please email PFC@hhabentonville.org.

*Pre-order items will be picked up separately once those items are available. You will receive another email with instructions for picking up those items.

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