Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again! To honor the great traditions of the Ancient Romans, Culture Club has decided to sell carnations for Valentines Day. Fun fact, Valentine’s Day originated in honor of Saint Valentine in Rome and was celebrated with a great feast. Carnations will be $4, and to buy one, simply fill out an order form at the front desk with the person’s name and fourth block. All proceeds will go to Canopy, a local organization housing immigrants from Afghanistan. We will be taking orders from Monday, February 7th – February 11th. Carnations are a symbol of luck and prosperity, so you can buy one for your friends, for your teachers, for a special someone, or if you just feel in the mood. They will be delivered sometime during the week of Valentine’s Day. If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Danehy at lukas.danehy@haashall.org, Farheen Palagiri at farheen.palagiri@haashall.org, Freelin Joe at freelin.joe@haashall.org, Shaan Prasanna at shaan.prasanna@haashall.org, or Ms. Ancer at jenyancer@haashall.org.

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