Virtual Block Party

Mrs. Smith is hosting a two-night Virtual Block Party in Minecraft, for both Java and Bedrock editions!

Java: Friday, Dec. 11, 7-9pm
Bedrock: Saturday, Dec. 12, 7-9pm

After spawning inside The Scoop ice cream parlor, scholars can explore the map or participate in the following activities:
— Felix Baumgartener: at the bottom of this 100-block-tall tower are five 1×1 holes; land in the correct hole (and survive) for a special treat!
— Grid It!: scholars will have until 8:45pm to collect or craft sixteen items and arrange them in a grid as demonstrated by a model
— Parkour: test your jumping skills by working your way from fence post to fence post over a pit of lava
— and more! If Mrs. Smith has time to build everything else…

Any scholar who wants to participate should read the server rules and fill out the Google Form at the links below. Mrs. Smith will email parents to confirm consent to play, and scholars will be notified of server details by Thursday.

Server rules: https://tinyurl.com/blockpartyrules
Form: https://tinyurl.com/blockpartyforms

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