Daniel Martin, an AP Research scholar at the Springdale campus, wants to test YOUR knowledge of ocean awareness! Starting today, a scientific research survey will become public to any and all willing to take it.

The survey is:
1) 100% anonymous. This survey does NOT collect emails, so not even the researcher will be able to identify you.
2) Available to all ages and locations. Whether you’re in middle school or already putting your college degree to good use, this survey applies to you! (Note: Minors require parental consent).
3) Active. Responses will be accepted through April.
4) Easy. Response time averages at just 15 minutes!
5) Impactful. Your time goes toward one of the greatest causes there is: preserving life.

Interested in environmentalism or conservation? Your response makes a positive, tangible impact on the ocean, its inhabitants, and ultimately, humanity.

Into photography? You’ll see some stunning photographic and cinematic displays of the blue world’s beauty, power, and importance to all of us on land.

Pursuing a career in the sciences? Show off your knowledge on the quiz section! You might just learn something new along the way…

Just bored? Check back after submitting for a Buzzfeed-esque score page!

One way or another, we will change the world. The only question is, “how much of it will be left?”

Take the survey here: https://forms.gle/dohwp9x8e9ZesKqZ8

Voice questions or concerns here:
Daniel Martin (Scholar)- daniel.martin@haashall.org
Mr. James Martin (Research advisor, no relation to the above) – jamesmartin@haashall.org
Ms. Jamie Bendure (Headmaster, Springdale Campus) – jamiebendure@haashall.org

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