Want To Boost Our Booster Club?

Welcome to year two at the Jones Center!
If you are not aware, all sports (swim, cross country, bowling and track) and extra curricular activities (basketball club, soccer club, skate club and guitar club) are totally funded by fees and Booster Club support and contributions. Haas Hall Academy provides no funds for these activities as HHA does not receive the same amount of state funding as other public schools. In order to offer these activities to our scholars, we need parent support.

For this campus to offer these wonderful activities for our scholars, we need you. Last year, Coach DeSpain and a few parents provided water, tents and snacks for our only team, cross country. We borrowed uniforms from the Fayetteville campus. We have had to return those cross country uniforms to the growing Fayetteville team and have ordered new ones based on left over revenue from last year’s donations, however, that will take up the rest of the monies we currently have. Our first cross country meet is this weekend, the Springdale Invitational. We don’t believe our uniforms will arrive in time for this event but should be here for the following. Coach DeSpain has talked to our scholars about what to wear.

This year, we are hoping to add a swim team, bowling and possibly spring track as well as offer the cross country, basketball/soccer/skate club and the guitar club. But to offer these, we need you to help by paying any fees if your child participates and helping to create a Booster Club to assist in providing on going revenue so we can continue these teams in the future. Without support, we may not be able to offer these in the future.

Be looking for an announcement soon of a Booster Club meeting where officers will be selected and plans will be made for future fundraising. In the meantime, if anyone would like to just make a donation, you may do so to: Haas Hall Academy Athletics Springdale. You can bring that donation to either Ms. B or Coach DeSpain. We will hold it until officers are elected for the Booster Club.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Our scholars truly enjoy these activities and we sincerely hope we’re able to establish a Booster Club that will assist in supporting them every year.

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